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A tall order

Congratulations to Charlie for passing his Practical Driving Test in Eastbourne this afternoon. At 6’5″ he could have done with the car seat being able to move back a bit more.


All Smiles & Sunshine

Congratulations to Amelia for Passing her Practical Driving Test at Eastbourne Test Centre on this very sunny day today. Well deserved!

The sunny side of the street

The sun came out just in time for Jay, who passed his Driving Test at the Eastbourne Test Centre on his very first attempt today. Well done!

Drive responsibly. Drive safe!

Adaptive Cruise Control

Whether we love them or hate them, self-drive cars are currently being trialled on U.K. roads and elsewhere around the globe. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is one of the crucial elements for autonomous cars to be deemed safe and successful.

Remember, no matter what modern Safety technology your car is fitted with, do not become too reliant on it. Drive within your limits and to prevailing weather and road conditions.

Drive rsponsibly. Drive safe!

Dealing with Sun Glare

Here is some good advice on dealing with Sun glare. How many of you thought of putting your dipped headlights on?

Drive responsibly. Drive safe!

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