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Driving Ambition

Congratulations to Charlie for passing his Practical Driving Test on his first attempt at Eastbourne Driving Test Centre today. He took his very first Driving Lesson only 5 weeks ago. I do not recall a single lesson where he doubted himself of being able to achieve his goal. Not because he was overconfident but because he just remained focused and positive throughout. That’s the power of positive thinking. Charlie, well done!

Nerves of Steel win Driving Test

Congratulations to Tyler for passing his Practical Driving Test at Eastbourne Test Centre today.

Despite a nervous warm up, Tyler regained his focus and passed with only 1(one) Minor Fault.

Extremely well done! Thank you for your dedication to getting the most of your Driving Lessons.

Making Driving Lessons count

Congratulations to James for Passing his Practical Driving Test on his first attempt at Eastbourne Test Centre yesterday.

Rarely have I seen this much dedication in every single Driving Lesson and Driving Test.

James got the result he wanted. Although, he did look like he had just done 6 rounds with Mike Tyson after.

James, I know how much it meant to you. Well done & well deserved. No photo as discussed but you know who you are. It has been a great honour to count you as one of my students. See you out on the road.

Where did you go for your Driving Lessons today?

Great day out. When one of our very committed students asked for an afternoon of Intensive Driving Lessons, we said “Yes”.

After 6 (six) hours of driving through scenic Sussex & Surrey, Ben was grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Glad we could help.

Another happy Driving Test Pass

Congratulation, Kat!

You passed your Driving Test at Eastbourne’s Driving Test Centre with only 5 minor driving faults this very sunny morning.

Thank you for choosing

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