About Us

FrankLyDriving.uk is a Driving School and Driver Training Provider based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. The company was set up by Frank Dahmen to promote better driving standards and make a contribution to the improvement of Driver Training and Development. FrankLyDriving.uk is also a proud Member of the European Road Safety Charter supporting Road Safety Initiatives without boundaries. We aim to be one of the friendliest Driving Schools around.

We pride ourselves of integrity in the provision of quality training from Driving Lessons and Pass Plus to Fleet Driver Training and Advanced Driving Courses.

Whilst aware that costs are of consideration, we at FrankLyDriving.uk believe that the initial investment in quality training will pay for itself by developing safer driving skills for life. With this in mind, we provide fully supported online Theory Test Preparation completely FREE of charge to our students.

FRANK DAHMEN fully qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor in 2005. He offers a relaxed and friendly training environment. Having spent many years working in the Health Service, Frank’s experience provides a competent backdrop when it comes to raising awareness. This is not just on the need for accident prevention, but also understanding the social implications when things go wrong. His investigative and analytical approach invites clients and students not only to reflect on their actions but to take an active part in their training and assume responsibility for their actions. Frank has worked as a Driving Instructor, both within Sussex and the Region, with a variety of Driving Schools and Driver Training Providers, including the AA Driving School and Mercedes Benz Driving Academy.


Diploma in Driving Instruction (DipDI)
DSA Approved Driving Instructor (Car)
DSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer
DIAmond Advanced Instructor (DAI)
RoSPA Approved Tutor
HERMES trained Coach
MiDAS Driver Assessor/Trainer (DAT) with Accessibility
AA Driving School approved Instructor
Former Mercedes Benz Driving Academy Driving Coach
Former County Driving Standards Verifier, St John Ambulance Surrey
Former Senior Tutor Sussex Group RoSPA Advanced Drivers
Former Chairman of Sussex Group RoSPA Advanced Drivers
Former IAM Group Observer

IAM Advanced Test, DIAmond Advanced & Special Tests, RoSPA GOLD Award.

Additional Training gratefully received from Chris Gilbert and Andrew Leonard, both former Senior Staff Instructor Trainers at the renowned Hendon Police Driving School.

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