COVID-19, Critical Key Workers & DVSA Emergency Tests


Many of you will be aware that the DVSA has suspended the Theory Tests for for weeks, currently up to April 20, and the Practical Driving Tests for 3 months. Subsequently to Government advice on COVID-19 you will have noticed fewer Driving Schools out on the road as part of social distancing either by students or the individual instructors.

However, the Test suspensions allow for EMERGENCY TESTS, both Theory & Practical, to take place for those who work in CRITICAL KEY AREAS dealing with the Corona outbreak. Those critical key areas are listed as:

-health and social care
-education and childcare
-key public services
-local and national government
-food and other necessary goods
-public safety and national security
-utilities, communication and financial services

To arrange such Emergency Tests evidence has to be provided which shows the applicant falls into any of the above categories and the DVSA will carry out stringent verification checks, so please do not clog up the system by requesting tests when you are not eligible for such a text.


We all must take the outbreak serious and not play it down. However, having worked within the Health Sector myself, with many of my friends and family members working as Nurses, Doctors, Emergency Planners, Police and Educators at the front line right now, I feel obliged to support the efforts of those who are trying so hard to keep us safe to the best of their ability under very difficult circumstances. has throughout its existence enjoyed a close working relationship with those serving their community. To stop our “Critical Key Worker” students from becoming mobile by discontinuing their driver training and therefore denying them to take the Government approved Emergency Tests seems counterproductive and irresponsible. We will therefore carry on supporting those who need to drive to protect all of us, for as long as

the UK Government allows such Emergency Tests to go ahead, and
as long relevant risk reduction and, if necessary, isolation measures are adhered to.

The decision to carry on is our own and follows a long process of deliberation. We do not seek praise for this decision, nor place blame on other industry colleagues for making choices which reflect their very own circumstances. We merely wish to coney our reasons for being out in the road continuing to teach those on whom we so greatly rely.

If you fall into any of the critical key areas and need advice or training, please feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, keep safe and look out for those who you can help by whatever means possible, even if it is just by checking on your neighbour or share a packet of eggs/loo roll with someone who would have to go without.

The good news is that nothing lasts forever, and as such the troubling times will also come to pass.

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