Tears of joy after early Morning Driving Lessons pay off for FrankLyDriving.uk Student

FrankLyDriving.uk Student Madina elected to have early morning Driving Lessons, despite having to commute from Brighton by Train. Her sheer dedication and determination paid off when she passed her Practical Driving Test at Eastbourne Driving Test Centre today. Even pre-test nerves could not stop her today.

Madina’s Driving Instructor, Frank, was very pleased with his Student’s performance. “Consider you have to commute into work for an early start”, he says. “This does not sound like fun for most people. Now consider getting up even earlier so you can’t have a Driving Lesson before you start work. That’s dedication and commitment to getting your driving licence. I don’t even want to think about what time she had to get up to start her Driver Training at 07.00hrs in Eastbourne.”

Driving Test pass with Driving School FrankLyDriving.uk

Early morning Driving Lessons Paid off. FrankLyDriving.uk Driving instructor Frank is very proud of his Student Madina.

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