Eastbourne Driving School enjoys teaching in Snow

Driving in first snow of the season

Always drive within your level of competence and to the prevailing weather and Road Conditions

First Snow falling in Eastbourne today and we are loving it. As a Driving School we really enjoy teaching at this time of the year.

The early dark evenings give the majority of our students a chance to experience Night Driving. In addition, falling temperatures & adverse weather conditions, Rain, Fog, Sleet, Snow and Ice, offer great opportunities to prepare for Winter Driving.

FrankLyDriving.uk Student Matthew (photo) really enjoyed his Driving Lesson today. Apart from appreciaing the need to Plan Ahead and a Smooth Driving Style, basic Car Dynamics also came into it. Overall Matthew’s Driving Instructor, Frank, was very pleased with his student’s progress.

Always drive within your Level of Competence and respect the prevailing Weather and Road Conditions. If in doubt always seek Professional Advice.

Drive Safe. Drive Responsibly!

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