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Abusive behaviour

FrankLyDriving.uk will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse by any of its students, whether it is directed at the driving instructor, a driving examiner, other road users or the general public.

Your driving instructor and the driving examiner team are there to help you by means of training and feedback. Please take it as such. We all know that driving in traffic can be stressful but it is up to the individual driver to keep calm and focus on the task in hand. Remember that any action results in a reaction, so why add fuel to the fire and get burned along the way.

Driving Lessons and Theory & Practical Driving Test

All driving lesson will be tailored around the individual student’s needs and pst experience. FranklyDriving.uk encourages its students to take an active part in their training. It is not sufficient to simply learn the driving test routes off by heart, as it does not prepare you for the road ahead in the long run. Test routes may also change because of road works, incidents or the student taking a wrong turn. Hence, FrankLyDriving.uk focuses on teaching its students to apply their acquired skills and knowledge on  a variety of roads and in different situations.

Given the current waiting times for a practical driving test, it makes sense to get a head start and prepare for  and take the theory test as early as possible, maybe even before commencing any driving lessons.

To avoid any disappointment when it comes to booking a practical driving test, the student is encouraged to discuss this with their instructor, who will advise on whether the required standard has been or is likely to be met given the anticipated time frame. FrankLyDriving.uk prides itself to assisting its students in achieving their goals whatever the timescale may be. However, sometimes it is necessary to reassess the progress with the student and move the test date back. Where no agreement can be reach between the driving instructor and the student, the instructor reserves the right to withdraw the training vehicle for the purposes of the test, but not before having given suitable notice and progress updates in the preceding weeks..


All payments are due no later than at the time driving lessons are taken.  Payments can be made in cash or by credit/debit card. Contactless payment is also possible, subject to limitations.


For day to day driving lessons a cancellation period of at. least 48 hours is required and where given no charge shall be applied. For cancellations of between 24-48 hours 50% is payable. Cancellations received on the day or with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at 100% of the lesson time booked.

FrankLyDriving.uk reserves the right to discretion taking into consideration past attendance and the individual students personal circumstances at the time, e.g. hospitalisation, bereavement etc.

However, in the event of the instructor attending a lesson booking and finds the student is unfit to drive due to suffering the effects of drink & drugs or partying all night, hence, no lesson can take place, the student shall be deemed liable for the entire lesson. Further lessons may also be discontinued depending on the causation of lack of fitness to drive.

Fitness to Drive

Driving requires a lot of cognitive function. It is therefore paramount that the driver, provisional licence holder or qualified, ensures that he or she is physically and mentally capable to engage in the driving task.

Therefore, we request that the students have their mobile phones either switched off or put on silent. At no point is it necessary for a student to answer or check their phone whilst in a driving lesson., unless an urgent call is expected, in which case the driving instructor should be informed at the beginning of the lesson. Once a safe and convenient spot has been identified for the student to pull over, and the vehicle has been secured and the engine switch off, only then may the student use the phone. Please remember that a mobile phone offence carries six penalty points. Newly qualified drivers are on a two year probation and have to retake both theory and practical if they accumulate six penalty points during this time.

The DVSA requires certain health conditions to be declared and it is an offence to omit such information which may result in a £1000 fine.  Your Driving Instructor may also be able to assist you.

If you are unsure about how any medication you’re taken taking, prescribed or over the counter, interacts with driving, please consult with your GP or Pharmacist.

Please ensure that you are well rested before attending your driving lessons. Tiredness is one of the major contributors to road crashes and costs lives.

In the interest of public safety FrankLyDrivng. uk operates a “Zero Tolerance” Policy when it comes to “drink and drug driving” and reserves the right to randomly breathalyse and drug test any of its students. Anyone found to wilfully attempt to take a driving lesson whilst under the influence shows little respect for their driving instructor, other road users or the public in general, hence, will need to be reported to appropriate authorities. Please save yourself the embarrassment.

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