Wet & windy Track Day Mercedes Benz World

Mercedes Benz World at Weybridge

Mercedes Benz World at Weybridge

Well, what a day. Working on Track at MB World in Weybridge today, which meant an early start. Signs on the A23 & M25 warning those who missed the the Met Office report, that strong winds were forecast.

Needless to say that we have not escaped the weather here either, as you can see from the photo.

While the weather provides an interesting angle on what we can do here on site, it should be remembered that open roads do not follow the same controlled environment.

Remember to leave plenty of time for your journey, check road-worthiness of your vehicle, esp. Tyres (pressure & tread), brakes, wipers, lights, top up fluid levels (don’t forget screen wash, you will be using it quite a bit today). Don’t forget to keep and respect a safe following distance to the vehicle in front. Current weather conditions call for a 4 (four)second gap. Look out for Large Vehicles and Motorcycles, who will be very much effected by the the winds today.

Whatever you do today, have a save journey!

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