What example are you setting for your children behind the wheel?

You drive along with the kids in the back. They seem totally fixated playing with their phones and iPads. You know you shouldn’t do it but you have a sneaky check on who text you or justify answering a call or text in slow traffic, after all, you are law-abiding and wouldn’t do anything that would in any way cause any danger to anyone, esp. yourself, never mind your children. Only the other day you exchanged words with the “Bad Driver” who was on the phone or had a cup coffee behind the wheel and got too close to you and your off-spring as you were crossing the road in hurry less than 50 yards away from the Zebra Crossing because “it was safe and convenient”. Kids learn by copying and their minds are like sponges. When you teach them right from wrong be consistent.

Drive responsibly. Drive safe!


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